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    Arrangements Capsules and Muselets de Champagne Il y a 18 produits.

    Sort, arrange and expose your champagne capsules

    You will find here all the material to arrange and sort your collection of champagne capsules! To preserve your rare capsules of champagne, collection thanks to the sorters, layers, cases and of superb windows to put forward your passion for the collection of champagne capsules! Read more

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    Résultats 1 - 18 sur 18.

    La maison du collectionneur: Collection of champagne capsules in blood!

    What is what collection of champagne capsules?

    > To collect champagne capsules
    The “placomusophile” is what is called a collector of champagne capsules, the collection of champagne capsules is thus art to collect these champagne capsules. It thus collects these round metal plates recovering the stoppers of the bottles of champagne and other effervescent wines.


    The champagne capsules are not the only capsules with being collected. There exist impressive collections of capsules of sparkling wine, creaming and of beers in particular.

    History of the Collection of champagne capsules

    The champagne capsules make their appearance at the end of the 19th century but the term of “placomusophile” enters the language as from the years 1980, thanks to Claude Maillard.
    One counts more than 30,000 Champagne capsules of collection, the producers manufacturer of the original capsules, of number limited, component of true works of Article.

    All the material to arrange its collection of champagne capsules

    The collection and the exposure of champagne capsules, require a whole implements of collector and especially of the arrangements, boxes emphasizing your champagne capsules and making it possible to preserve these capsules of the test of time. Thus they will preserve their commercial value.

    Albums and sorters for champagne capsules

    > The sorters Lindner
    Use the sorters Lindner to preserve your champagne capsules!
    These sorters designed especially for the conservation of the champagne capsules are essential to the placomusophiles. According to the size of your collection it will be necessary for you to choose more or less large sorters, with more or less of layers.

    > To add layers
    Does your collection increase? Do you accommodate new lucky finds? It is possible to simply buy additional layers for champagne capsules.
    > Boxes for champagne capsules of collection
    Do you have rare champagne capsules, a collection of single capsules? Choose boxes with window to put forward your superb collection of champagne capsules!

    The repertoire Lambert of the champagne capsules

    > The repertoire with all the champagne capsules!
    This repertoire Lambert 2016 is essential to the placomusophiles of the world, it indexes and dimensions indeed nearly 30,000 champagne capsules and exposes more than 8000 capsules in superb photographs color.
    It is the book which you need! Thanks to this one you will be able to know with precision the value of your collection and each one of your capsules of champagne of collection.

    To arrange its champagne capsules well:

    Discover also our guide to arrange and preserve your champagne capsules!