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Stamps Lesotho
Impassioned by the Stamps of Lesotho You will find in this heading your happiness We selected for you best Stamps of Lesotho We also propose to you a beautiful range of material of arrangement.
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    Basoutoland: Used stamp collection all different

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    If you seek stamps coming from Africa, and more particularly from Basutoland (old name of Lesotho, become independent in 1966) or from Lesotho, La Maison du Collectionneur selected for you this whole of used stamps and all different. Wedged in South Africa, this country has an extremely rich fauna and a flora.You will discover stamps illustrating of the animals (horses, ducks, frogs, butterflies…), culture of corn or of the landscapes. The queen Elizabeth II is also represented on several stamps of various colors.

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    We propose to you a set of stamps of collection coming from Lesotho. This country is an old British colony which obtained its independence in 1966 and which is wedged in South Africa. It is the mountain which is mainly present on this territory.You will find various stamps sets of themes, starting with a series on the Ten Commands accompanied by several drawings. Tables are also present and some of them illustrate the festival of Christmas. You will be able to also discover several stamps putting in scene the characters of Disney such as Mickey, Minnie or Donald.

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