Frames of collection NIMBUS 100

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Frames of collection NIMBUS 100 of a format of 100x100x25 mm. With the frames of collection of series NIMBUS, we offer to you a new concept of production of your objects of collection. The characteristic of these frameworks lies in the two flexible transparent silicone membranes which wrap the exposed objects and their give the impression thus to float inside the framework. In the same time you obtain an infinite sight of the recto and back of your treasures. Leave free course to your imagination without limits, thanks to the flexible matter which marries any surface and thus allows a perfect maintenance of the objects, coins with the stamps, until the articles of writing, watches, knives, medals, photographs, jewels, and other treasures, offer to your objects of collection a particular framework. A use in all simplicity: after complete opening of the framework, it is enough to pose the object on one of the two silicone membranes and to close again the framework. The object is thus wrapped by the two silicone membranes and remains perfectly maintained. The framework is closed by a magnetic system of locking.

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Size In Mm:100x100x25 mm
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