The banknote flag: history and definition

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If you are a follower of the billetophilie, you perhaps already heard the term of “banknote flag”! When this banknote was emitted and in which circumstances?
The banknote flag: history and definition

The banknote flag

Which were the characteristics of the banknote flag? Answers below!

What a banknote flag?

A banknote flag is a French banknote. It owes its name with the presence of a French flag on its back.

At the origins of the banknote flag

To understand when and how the banknote flag appeared, it is necessary to go back to the Second World War. These banknotes were printed from February 1944 to June 1944 by the US government: at that time, France is under German occupation since June 1940. However, the unloading approaches and the Americans intend to make circulate a new currency in released France. The French were then invited to exchange the banknotes against the banknotes flag!

A banknote discussed

In the same time, the US government wishes to set up a AMGOT (Allied Military Government of Occupied Territories) in France, namely a military administration. The banknote flag, put in circulation immediately after the unloading in Normandy in June 1944, enters this will of American control.

In addition, the US government always refused to recognize the French Committee of National Release. Charles de Gaulle, president of this political regime, then regards the banknote flag as a counterfeit. Besides it qualifies these banknotes of “under-currency” in its Memories of war.

Towards the end of the banknote flag

Whereas the banknote flag starts to circulate, it is François Couet, police chief of the Republic, which requires of the banks to accept this new currency all in the incentive not to give it in circulation.

Charles de Gaulle decides to prohibit the banknote flag on June 27th, 1944, a few days after her arrival in charge of the provisional government of the French Republic. However, these banknotes will be used until the end of the month of August 1944. They will be entirely demonetized in 1947.

Banknote flag: characteristics

It is the Office of Engraving and Printing, a government organization pertaining to the American ministry of the Treasury, which is charged to manufacture the banknote flag. Several mentions are reproduced on the banknote flag: the name of the country in which it circulates and its political regime, the facial value, the French flag as well as the currency “Freedom, Egalité, Fraternité”. For the anecdote, these banknotes were manufactured with the same ink and the same paper which were used to emit the American dollars. One counts two types of banknotes flag: those which have the mention “France” and those which have a drawing of the French flag. Certain banknotes flag are rarer than others: among them are the banknote of 500 old francs French with mention “France” with the back, the banknote of 5000 old francs French with mention “France” or the banknote of 1000 old francs French with flag with the back.

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