To take off of the stamps

It is about a big step in the life of a philatelist, who can appear simple but is often dangerous for our dear stamps. It should be noted that according to the periods, there remains preferable to preserve the stamps on their supports, (letters, documents, etc…) rather than to separate them of the latter.

Indeed certain stamps of collection have more value on documents having travelled, with the tariff or worms of the remote destinations. Do not hesitate to ask council before any irremediable operation!

The material


  1.     Tepid water glass
  2.     Your stamped document
  3.     A pair of scissors
  4.     An absorbing support (blotter, sopalin, newspaper…)
  5.     A stamps tong



First of all, start by cutting out the support around the stamp by leaving a margin de1cm surroundings, that will avoid you destroying some teeth on the way. Take care to remove any surplus of paper on the back of fragment (lining of color, reduction, etc…). Then plunge the stamp in the tepid water container and to let soak a few minutes.

To take care not to let soak the stamp too long, the fibers paper of the latter would weaken and your stamp riquerait to tear (acknowledge that it would be damage after all this work).

Surroundings 5 minutes later, recover the stamp and its support and separate delicately one from the other. You can also, to slightly pass the finger on the back of stamp in order to remove all gum remainders.

It any more but does not remain you to put this last on your absorbing support so that it dries perfectly.

Once dry, your stamp can be slightly warped, before arranging it in your philatelic stockbooks, leave lasting it a few hours between 2 sheets of paper with the top of which you will have put a heavyweight. For the self-adhesive stamps consult this article.

Below you will find a video summary