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Catalogue France Yvert and Tellier 2016

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This year 2015 is a mini-revolution for the Yvert and Tellier catalog. indeed this 119ème edition of Volume 1 marks the beginning of a deep restoration which will continue the next year, while respecting the basic principles which made its success since more than one century.The traditional part was entirely redesigned, from now on more aired, it makes the good share with the pairs, bands and blocks like with obliterations. the photographs which sometimes left something to be desired were completely worked over again. The stamps of end of catalog which, as each one knows, have the wheel in motion, are seen supplemented by two new chapters: the experimental labels of the post office as well as the stamps of benevolence of the emitted P.T.T of 1918 to 1961.300 new varieties for the periods semi-modern and modern, some of enter they being accompanied by a stereotype.The overloaded stamps of France CFA for Réunion reinstate finally volume 1 (one still wonders why they had removed ''') a new Free France heading comes out with the stamps emitted by the French Committee of National Release.The Maximumones of 2012, are finally seen allotting a full number. In gift: the block layer signed Catherine DUBREUIL Version color.Format: 15x21 cm - Bent back - rigid Cover

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