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    Coins of Collection Il y a 294 produits.

    Numismatics: Rare Currency and collector's items

    Plunge in the universe of the numismatics, through the lots of coins of collection proposed by La maison du collectionneur. To arrange and expose your coins, we also propose to you a beautiful range of numismatic material of arrangement. Read more

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    Résultats 1 - 28 sur 294.
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    Numismatics: sale online of coin of collection

    Impassioned by the numismatics since always, La maison du collectionneur, collects and sorting since years the rare coins coming from the whole world. La maison du collectionneur proposes the purchase of coins of collection of France and Navarre. If you are in search of rare coins, old and that you wish to pack your collection, you will find doubtless your happiness on our online shop of sale of collector's items.
    La maison du collectionneur is proud to present one of vastest the collection of coins of the world on Internet. We propose rare coins with the unit but also of the old coins by lot, with the kilo. The occasion for you, impassioned collectors, of sorting among these lots and can be to find the rare pearl!

    Coins of the world

    Always with the mounting of the rare coins, La maison du collectionneur does not cease seeking collector's items likely to interest impassioned of numismatics. We thus explore France, Europe and the whole world in search of these single coins. You will thus find here collector's items coming from the 7 continents:
    > European Collector's items
    > Coins of Africa
    > Coins of collection of Asia and the America coins


    Lot of coin to sorting

    The numismatics requires much passion, rigor and patience, quality which one also finds at impassioned of stamps of collection. This is why we propose the purchase of lots of coins from France but also of the lots of coins of the whole world.
    1 KG of coins to even sorting and can be to you one or more pleasant surprise!

    Rare coins with the unit
    Much collector knows what they want and is in search of a quite precise collector's item. We have can be what you need! Among our vast collection of coin of the world. The oldest coins with the recent commemorative coins, we have a broad catalog which should satisfy the most demanding collectors.

    To estimate your collection of coin: criteria of quotation

    In the same way that for the banknotes and the stamps of collection, the numismatics has its own criteria to evaluate coins of collection.
    The scarcity, the aspect sentimental but especially the state of conservation of the coins is important criteria of quotation.
    Discover here how are evaluated the criteria of quotation of the coins?