Stamps Sudan

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Stamps Sudan
Decorate your stamp collection of Sudan thanks to the House of the Collector the House of the Collector selected for you best timbres of Sudan Rangez at best your collections with Lindner.
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    Africa is in the honor in this batch of obliterated stamps of collection, and more particularly Sudan. This country obtained its independence of Egypt and the United Kingdom in 1956. Its coasts are bordered by the Red Sea, in the east.You will be able to find a series emitted in 1948 and representing a post-office employee in full delivery of the mail on a dromedary. Other sets of themes are present in this batch, namely the emblematic monuments of the country, the landscapes as well as UNESCO.

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    The collectors in search of used stamps emitted in French Sudan will find new articles on this page. It is about an old French colony having existed of 1892 to 1904 and 1920 to 1959. French Sudan was located on the current territory of Mali.La Maison du Collectionneur first of all proposes stamps bearing the effigy of the local population to you. One of the articles puts at the honor a traditional trade: the boatman of Niger. Several planes are also represented in a series emitted in 1942.

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