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    Stamps Aden And States

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    Stamps Aden And States
    Collectors of Stamps of Aden and states this heading is dedicated to you! That it is in batch or with the detail, discover our selection of Stamps of Aden and Découvrez states our selection of material of arrangement.
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      Impassioned used stamps of the Middle East will be able to supplement their collection thanks to this batch emitted in Aden. It is about a British protectorate located at the south of the current Yemen and which existed of 1886 to 1967. We propose to you to acquire stamps with the various sets of themes like the sport and more particularly the weight-lifting, swimming and the fight. The Olympic Games are also with the honor thanks to a series emitted in 1967. Landscapes are also available in the batch, as well as tables of Renoir. Lastly, we have stamps illustrating the work of the Japanese artist Suzuki Habunobu.

      2,50 €
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    Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item