For collectors of champagne capsules, the difficulty lies in preserving copies without them being damaged. If the situation is not very difficult for some models, it becomes inextricable when the hand finds accumulate.



Especially since many inconveniences may occur. For example, the risk of scratching are great if they overlap. So should you avoid keeping them in a box or container unsuitable. The exhibition in a display cabinet is not ideal either: suspended particles in the atmosphere eventually insinuate it. Not to mention insects, including flies whose droppings cause much damage. That is why it is recommended not to subject the wire caps to dust and dirt, as repeated rubbing with a cloth or sponge may, over time, alter their surface. Similarly, the organization proves laborious without a perfectly orchestrated ranking system.

All these reasons require a solution. The best rest placing the specimens in a coherent manner in appropriate storage for this purpose. Fortunately, there are clever accessories for archiving suited to the most demanding criteria placomusophiles. So, keep the collection safe from external attacks is effective. Several options are possible.

The workbook capsules for champagne brand Safe twenty-five centimeters high can showcase two hundred and ten capsules, thirty seven pages. The festive cover with a picture of a champagne flute is highlighted by a strong binding to metal rings. As for the sheets, they consist of a rigid support sheet of a dark blue velvet. This is perfect to bring out the brilliant colors of wire caps. The upper part forms a protective film laminated cells.

Larger, the Lindner workbook provides the home of three hundred and fifty capsules. Housed in a black cardboard box, it has a synthetic PVC binding, also black. It comes with five laminated sheets capable of storing thirty-five capsules. Dividers, too plastic, guarantee the preservation of the collection.
Alternatively, the showcase for wirehoods Safe. Extra flat and made of wood with its magnetic and glass cover, it represents an interesting alternative to the exhibition of acquisitions for all to see. The interior lined with elegant royal blue velvet consists of sixty round cavities. The back allows mounting on a wall. Thus, the champagne closures are ordered and protected for long.