It is so easy to make a stamp collection. We simply should have an organization, but also patience, everything depends on the idea that you want to highlight on your collection.



The collection of postal stamps and is one of the most practiced worldwide leisure. It often starts at a young age and is also a way to broaden his knowledge in various fields: science, history, geography, etc. Thus, the stamp is a work of art that reveals landscapes, personalities, cultures of various countries in the world, but also to share his passion with others. The collection of stamps also of educational interest.


High-end hardware to optimize its collection. Albums and stamps binders are preferred materials for the collection of stamps. A wide choice is offered on for optimal storage. You can opt for the album for stamps Publica Mr. Lindner COLOR if you want to bring color to your ranking. This album has 50 highly resistant leaves and stands out for its contemporary look. It comes in blue, yellow, green, red, purple and is also equipped with a mechanism with four rings.


Whether you are a beginner or seasoned collector, you can store your items in the philatelic stamps Lindner workbook at La Maison du Collectionneur. This workbook is distinguished by its golden lines, which brings a modern touch to your entire collection. Thus, 60 refined and elegant white pages are available for bonding your postage or revenue stamps. This album also includes two intermediate for the protection of your collection. Brown, black, red, blue and green with a dimension of 22.5 x 31 cm, for you to choose the color that suits you!


Your stamps will easily find their place and will also be well protected in the Climax stamps workbook. In a dimension of 230 X 305 mm, each of the 64 black pages is provided with 10 bands. Its binding is buckrum and its pages are separated by two spacers parchment. This is the linen was chosen during the manufacture of the back of this Climax workbook. In terms of colors, you can choose between red, blue, black, green and brown.