1 franc vermillon, un timbre de collection rare de France


The most allegorical of French postage stamps for collectors

Issued January 1, 1849, 1 franc Vermilion is French stamp that has the highest rating. He served postage letters of 15-100 g. Initially, this stamp was printed in "vermilion", that is to say in light red. Then it was printed in dark red called "crimson." The drawing of the stamp represents Ceres, Roman goddess of agriculture also the emblem of the Republic at that time. Know that the representation of the head of Ceres is the work of Jacques-Jean Barre, 17th General engraver of the Paris Mint from 1842 to 1855.


Because of its color too close to that of 40 cents orange red stamp, the stamp model was withdrawn from sale in December 1849 by the General Post Office. Indeed, color is confusing. Postal workers were likely to sell stamps at the price of 1 franc of orange stamps from 40 cents. A total of 509,700 stamps were printed in a single print run which 112,400 were burned July 21, 1851. The crimson was used until November 1853.


The most quoted French stamp

At present, the 1 franc Vermilion is one of the most sought after and most expensive stamps French stamps. Indeed, the value of the latter is due to its rarity, having been used very little for a short time. Also, its price is explained by its aesthetics. Nine, the price of the stamp has been rated to over € 95,000. Obliterated, its value reached more than € 20,000.