That you one are impassioned of philately or that you simply inherited a superb stamp collection, it is possible that you wish to resell of it integrality or a part. If you are in this situation, you wonder certainly how to proceed to sell your stamps of collection. We give you here useful information to help you to sell your stamps with the handsome price. 

Where to sell your stamp collection?

Do you wish to separate from your stamp collection? Will know that there exist several means of proposing it with the resale. Here three principal channels of sales to enter the market of the stamp of collection.

Sell your collection to a merchant of stamps

The merchants of stamps are true specialists in philately. In France, these shops are comparatively numerous and easy to find. If you wish to sell your stamp collection to a specialized tradesman, will know that you will have to negotiate the price.

Indeed, the merchants of stamps must carry out an interesting margin in order to be able to return in their expenses. Thus, they will often propose to you to repurchase your collection at a low price with its value. Nevertheless, to call upon a merchant of stamps is the ideal solution to resell your collection quickly and to make you pay immediately.

Stamp collection: Sell with the biddings

Perhaps among your collection, you have in your possession of the rare and required stamps. If you wish to draw a handsome price from them, you can choose the auction. In this case, you must call on a specialized company in order to be able to propose the integrality of your collection or some of your stamps to the biddings. The auction makes it possible to connect collectors in search of remarkable stamps with salesmen in possession of rare specimens. It will be then possible for you to carry out very beautiful sales. However, will know that to sell with the biddings requires to pay expenses with the operators of sale, but also to be patient since the sales of this type are not carried out the every day.

Sell your stamp collection on Internet

To sell your stamp collection on Internet can prove to be an excellent alternative to the merchants of stamps and the auctions. Certain platforms, are excellent ways return in contact with collectors of the whole world. However, this solution requires rigor, reactivity and vigilance. Indeed, to sell on Internet requires a commitment of your share on the quality and the authenticity of the specimens which you sell but also to remain alert on the honesty of the purchaser in order to avoid swindle them.

How to estimate the value of a stamp collection?

If you wish to sell your stamps of collection at a reasonable price, it is judicious to know as a preliminary the value of the various specimens which compose your collection. For that you can call upon a cabinet of expert testimony or bring you closer to the French Employers' federation to the Traders and Experts in Philately. You can also refer to you to the catalog Yvert and Tellier which indexes quotations of the stamps of the whole world. True reference on the matter since more than one century, this catalog is updated each year to bring reliable and precise information to you. Lastly, if you wish it, we are at your disposal to advise you on the transfer of your collection, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sales of your stamp collection: Which taxation applies?

To be regarded as objects of collections, the postal or tax stamps must be freed or not to have course more.

If the selling price of your stamps of collection is lower than 5.000€, you will be exonerated from imposition on the sale. On the other hand, if the delivery price is higher than 5.000€, you will be subjected to a tax. This one in general takes the shape of a contractual tax of 6% on the selling price of your stamp collection. However, if you have in your possession of the pieces of evidence on the price and the date of acquisition of your collection, you will be able to then choose the general scheme of tax on the appreciations on movable property. You will be able to thus choose the most advantageous mode for your situation. Will know that in the case of the general scheme of tax on the appreciations you profit from an abatement of 10% per year of detention as from the 3rd year, as well as complete exoneration as from the 12th year of detention.
The House of the Collector can estimate and buy your stamps of collection!

If you wish to sell your stamps of collections, our experts are with your service to help you. In order to satisfy our international customers, we are always in search of rare parts and of collections of exception. Thus do not hesitate to contact us with .67 or with the address, we will be charmed of being able to advise you.