The US dollar is the most widely used in international trade currency. Officially became the national currency of the United States in 1792. Discover the iconic story of the greenback until today.


Un dollar américain des Etats-Unis


Presentation of the dollar

Canada via Taiwan or Australia, the US dollar also called "US dollar" is the name of the currency of several countries around the world. This is the most widely used currency in the foreign exchange market in the world and the second currency in circulation after the euro since December 2006.




The famous green notes of the Federal Reserve are printed and issued in cut 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars. On each of the tickets include allegorical figures in the history of the United States face side and a building or tails emblem.

For the banknote:

  • 1$, George Washington
  • 2$, Thomas Jefferson
  • 5$, Abraham Lincoln
  • 10$, Alexander Hamilton
  • 20$, Andrew Jackson
  • 50$, Ulysses S. Grant
  • 100$, Benjamin Franklin.


The name "dollar" is derived from the name of another currency called the "thaler". Very used from the fifteenth century under the Hapsburg Empire and the world, that currency spread in Latin America, where it took the name of "dólar". When the United States won their independence in 1776, they chose the dollar for national currency.
The origin of the $ sign is the subject of much debate. Apparently, the symbol is derived from the name "Spanish pillar dollar" and the Spanish coat of arms with two columns, which appeared on the silver dollars.


The birth of the dollar

Before the War of Independence, various currencies were used by the American colonies including the Spanish dollar, French louis or parts made by individuals.
On April 2, 1792, the Continental Congress adopted the "Mint Act", a law introducing a new currency: the dollar. The United States then become the first country to adopt a monetary system with the dollar as the reference currency. It's in Philadelphia in 1973, that the first coins were minted. As for the first greenbacks, they appeared after the Act of 17 July 1861.

It is in 1864 qu'apparue the famous motto "In God We Trust" on the 2 cent coin. Since 1955, it is printed systematically on all US bills.



The dollar today

To date, the US dollar is the main reserve currency used in the world. Moreover, this is the most used currency in international trade and the main currency transactions processed on the market.

The formula of the ink used is kept secret and is made solely by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing products where 38 million tickets a day.

Until April 1991, all the tickets were printed in Washington, DC To cope with growing demand, a second office was opened in Fort Worth, Texas.


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