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    Our site specializes in selling stamp collection from around the world, individually or in batch, as well as bank notes, coins, medals and postcards. The House of the Collector also offers hardware and collector accessories: stamp albums, cabinet capsule champagne ...

    We represent the major storage hardware brands such as Yvert et Tellier, Safe, Lindner, Importa, in all areas of collection.

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La maison du Collectionneur is proud to announce to you his partnership with the association Reforest' Action of which the goal is to compensate for the CO2 emissions generated by the purchases on Internet by planting trees!

La Maison du Collectionneur: The paradise of the collector!

Dear impassioned Collectors, Welcome on your premise! You will find on the site of La Maison du Collectionneur all the treasures which miss with your collection.

That you are in search of rare stamps, of old coins, tickets of collection or of champagne muselet, we have all that you need to pack your collection.
A single collection of rare and old stamps of collection

Become inveterate Chinor, we are specialized since many years in the search and the acquisition for stamps of collection coming from France and the whole world. Our years of experiment and our notoriety on the market of philately make our network of collectors one of most effective of France and our old and rare stamp collection one the most envied of by the philatelists.

Friendly philatelists, you are at the good place to supplement your stamp collection!

Stamps of the World:

It is by traversing the world and thanks to our network of collectors of stamps, that we manage to unearth stamps of the whole world at attractive prices.

Stamps of France:

Before all things, we are also collectors, baited philatelists, and our hunting ground and of discovery is quite naturally based in France. Thus we divide with you our clouded treasures and the French stamps of collection recovered on the market.

Stamps of Monaco

Among our rare stamp collection, we propose to stamps of collection of Monaco, particularly appreciated philatelists and experts.

Purchase of stamps of collection

It is in our shop of purchase of stamps of collection perhaps that you will find your happiness! If it is easier here to find the part missing with your collection, it is necessary despite everything to excavate among our very vast choice of stamps of collection, to surf among our various rays.

This-known as the work of sorting is largely advanced, since all our stamps are classified per years, country, areas or sets of themes. It is more pleasant to cloud in a well arranged store!

Sale of old stamps

It is well-known the collectors pile up, pile up sometimes stamps more what to know to make some, sometimes even have stamps in double, in triple, to see more. If it is your case, we are always taking to evaluate your stamps of collection, them to estimate and you repurchase your collections and some of your stamps for a handsome price in order to make some benefit on this same platform from other collectors.
Old postcards for collector!

After the stamps, the postcards! The collectors of old postcards will find here a wide selection of old charts and chromos of great quality coming from France and the whole world.

Hundreds of old postcards of collection

Old postcards of France:

You will find here postcards old of France, which will charm most nostalgic with memories of childhood, historic moments spent with very often from the drawings, of the photgraphy of a rare quality.

Old postcards of America

For the rare collectors of parts!

Do you seek coins of collection? Are you a numismatist set on rare, old coins of France and whole world?

The house of the collector has one of the most important collections of coins on Internet. Strong chances thus to find the rare pearl!
All that it is necessary for the impassioned numismatists

As an informed numismatist, we propose on our site, the purchase of coin of collection on line like all the material to arrange and expose your old or rare coins.

Box and arrangements for coins: Effectively arrange your collector's items thanks to the boxes of arrangement numismatics

Parts of France: A vast collection of rare coins of France

Currency of America: Discover the foreign coins and the coins of collection of Americas
Tickets of collection of the whole world!

The appointment of the billetophiles: As for the collector's items, we are specialized in the foreign currencies and the rare tickets of collection. If you wish to buy tickets of collection or material to arrange your tickets, we have all that it is necessary in store for the best prices!

A rare collection of tickets of collection

Sorters to arrange tickets of collection: Sorters for banknotes of collection, in order to arrange, classify and expose all your tickets of collection

Tickets of collection of France: Discover our banknote collection of France

Tickets of collection of Americas: We propose banknotes of all the countries, the banknotes of Americas are very snuffed, throw an eye with our collection!
To classify and arrange the collections of muselets

A good collector of plates of muselet is organized and knows the importance of the arrangement in its collection of placomusophilie. This is why the material of arrangement of plates of muselets is paramount for a placomusophile! The sorters, boxes and layers and make it possible to classify and arrange the collection, but also to highlight it and to give him value.

All the material for the placomusophilie

In our rays we propose all the material for the arrangement of plate of muselet of collection

Sorters for champagne capsules

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